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Getting started

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a form of business collaboration with the webmaster, the main objective of which is to attract target visitors to the advertised site. Taking part in our affiliate program, you can use the promo materials developed by us. We offer our affiliates the most favorable conditions for earnings – up to 50% of the casino revenue from the attracted gamblers.

How to start working with the affiliate program?

To get started, you must sign up at Your casino account and the account in the affiliate program will be the same. Log in to the affiliate program page, create a link with your personal ID and assign it a name. Now you are ready to get started. Select the appropriate promo material, place it on your site and start earning!

Can I work with you if I don’t have a site?

Yes, you can advertise the promoted sites in social networks, advertising systems and on any other sites. Remember that you are interested in the intended use of resources to attract users in the first place, because your income will depend on it.

What are the advantages of Golden Star Casino?

A varied selection of games from leading manufacturers, powerful bonus policy, nice design with user-friendly navigation, mobile version of the casino, a wide choice of payment methods... These are just some of the Golden Star Casino advantages. We also accept and make payments in Bitcoins. We try to keep up with the times, constantly improve, and do our best to let the gamblers in the casino feel as comfortable as possible.

Which promotional tools can I use?

We have prepared everything needed for you. You can use a variety of HTML5, GIF and JPEG banners developed by us. Collection of our promo materials is constantly expanding. In addition, the affiliate can order exclusive promo material absolutely free of charge.

Does an affiliate have access to statistics?

An affiliate has access to the statistics in their personal account. The statistics is presented in a single table with a user-friendly interface. You will be aware of all the payments made by the clients you brought and winnings they receive.

What is a reporting period?

A reporting period is a period of time, at the end of which income and expenses of the partner site are calculated as a result of the actions of the clients you brought. The reporting period in our affiliate program is one full calendar month.

It is forbidden to use your own accounts at partner sites to earn money in the affiliate program

If the affiliate has signed up for the affiliate program and then creates an account with a partner site through their referral link and thus tries to make money in the affiliate program, both accounts are permanently blocked. Payments are not made in this case.

It is forbidden to use spam to attract clients

Attracting clients to the partner sites using unauthorized mailouts is prohibited. Use of legitimate mailouts, to which users have given their consent, is allowed.

It is forbidden to publish false information to attract clients

Attracting customers to the sites by providing them with false information about the partner sites is prohibited.

It is forbidden to cheat the affiliate program

Deliberate acts aimed at causing financial or other damage to the affiliate program or partner sites are forbidden and punished by blocking the account without payments or possibility of recovery.
Financial questions

How is the income of the affiliate calculated?

Income of an affiliate is calculated using the following formula: (Total bet - Total win - Received bonuses - Administrative fee) × %. *Administrative fee is total casino costs of working with gamblers. It includes the fees of payment systems for deposit/withdrawal of funds, as well as commission payments to game suppliers. When the payment is calculated, the administrative fee is divided equally between the partner and the casino.

How much can I earn?

An affiliate can earn at least 40% of casino revenue from the gamblers attracted by them. The more gamblers the affiliate attracts in one calendar month, the higher the percentage of their earnings. If they attract from 21 to 50 gamblers in a single calendar month, they will earn 45% of casino revenue from the gamblers brought by them. If they attract 51 gamblers or more in a calendar month, they are guaranteed to receive 50% of casino revenue for the previous reporting period. The amount of earnings depends solely on your success. We have no restrictions on payments to affiliates.

How long will I be earning from the attracted gamblers?

An affiliate is guaranteed to receive 40% of casino revenue from the gamblers attracted by them without any time restrictions or period of limitation.

For how long is the result on new depositors stored?

Statistics of new users is calculated anew each month. The result of the previous reporting period does not apply to subsequent reporting periods.

Is the affiliate’s negative balance moved over for the next month?

No, it isn’t. If the amount of winning of the gamblers exceeded the amount of losses, and the affiliate’s balance appeared negative at the end of the reporting period, we will reset it before the beginning of the new reporting period.

How can I get the money I earned?

Upon the completion of the reporting period, the affiliate account will be credited for the amount of the funds earned. You need to make a withdrawal request through your personal affiliate account. Withdrawal is available to VISA card, e-wallets Skrill, Neteller, Comepay, Yandex, Qiwi, Sofort bank transfer, Cubits (payment in Bitcoins).

How often do you pay the money earned?

Money is paid once a month, every month, 1st to 7th.

Which currencies does the affiliate program work with?

The house currency of the affiliate program is the euro, but the casino accepts payments in other currencies as well. When the earnings of the affiliate are calculated, other currencies are automatically converted into euros at the exchange rate of the European Central Bank. Besides, if the gamblers brought by the affiliate have set up a positive balance in Bitcoin, the affiliates can order payment in Bitcoins.

Is there a fee for funds withdrawal?

An affiliate must bear the fee for money transfer in the case of withdrawal. The amount of the fee depends on the payment system, to which the money is withdrawn.

Which schemes are used for earning in the affiliate program?

By default, all partners work under one scheme – RevShare. We can also discuss an individual collaboration under the CPA and CPA + RevShare with you.

Can there be individual conditions of collaboration?

You can offer us individual conditions of collaboration. We are interested in mutually beneficial partnership, so we are always ready to consider interesting offers.

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