Online Casino No Deposit Bonus: How to Make Right Choice

Online casino no deposit bonus how to make right choice

No deposit bonuses are some of the sweetest deals you can get at online casinos. Essentially, they are free funds that allow you to sample the casino’s offerings. Rather than actual cash, bonuses come in the form of free spins on slot machines or something along these lines. So, before you invest your own money, you get a perfect opportunity to test a new platform.

Fortunately, bonuses aren’t hard to understand. Our guide will tell you everything you need to know: the requirements you must follow, time limits, and how to choose the best bonus for you.

Wagering Requirements Explained

Wagering requirements tell you how many times the bonus money or free spins winnings need to be re-wagered. When the requirement is completed, you can withdraw your funds. In most casinos, wagering requirements range from 35x to 60x, but it may reach up to 100x. Naturally, the lower the requirement, the less time it will take to complete it.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples.

You have a bonus of $50 with a 35x wagering requirement, which means you have to re-wager $1,750. For a free spins wagering requirement of 30, you will have to wager your cash prize 30 times before you can withdraw.

Other Things to Consider

In some cases, you will have a specific period of time when you can claim your bonus and complete the wagering requirement. This information should be available when you first encounter this bonus. The time limit can be anywhere between days to weeks.

Also, the wagering requirements differ from game to game. For every dollar wagered in slots, the same amount will come off the wagering requirement, but it might only be $0.20 that is deducted when you play blackjack.

How to Decide If an Online Casino Bonus Is Right for You

No one says you have to use bonuses if you don’t think it’s necessary for some reason. If you’re not sure whether you want to take it, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you need to make a deposit to unlock the bonus, and how much?
  2. What are the requirements to claim your winnings?
  3. Are there time limits?
  4. Does the casino offer free spins for the game you want to play?

This should give you a general idea of what you want and what to expect. Make sure to read all the rules that a bonus comes with to avoid any unwanted surprises later on.

Is Claiming Your Bonus Hard?

Generally, it's pretty easy. The biggest challenge is to find a good one, but the rest of the process is pretty straightforward. You’ll need to create an account with a casino of your choice (it may require you to provide some information). After the account is created, you’ll need to simply click to register for the bonus. The good thing is that there is no obligation to give it back even if you decide to give online games a break.

Hopefully, you’ve learned how to spot a worthwhile bonus offer and how to use it correctly. Remember that the biggest bonus isn’t always the best choice as it might have ridiculous requirements attached to it. As long as you pick a good casino, you aren’t likely to be offered exploitative bonuses.

While most casino bonuses seem to be more or less the same, they are all unique when laid out in detail. Golden Star is a platform you can trust when it comes to favorable bonuses. You will find all kinds of bonus offers after signing an account. So, make your way here for exclusive prizes that cannot be found elsewhere.

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