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As you may have noted, nowadays, the live casino is literally celebrating its revival because one can hardly remember the period of time when it was as popular as it is now. Its specific feature which distinguishes it from other forms of gambling games is a real dealer who is monitoring the whole process on the other side of the screen, giving you feedback regarding all of the necessary issues.
To cut it short, it is much more exciting and spectacular that standard options of gambling, so if you’re known to be a thrill-seeker but are tired of the regular gambling routine, it’s definitely worth trying. These are the rules of the market, at the moment, so everyone who finds it important to be on-trend understands that there is no doubt that the live casino online is here to stay.
Requirements applied by demanding customers to the industry are really impressive, so the leaders have to meet them anyway. As a matter of fact, it is not too difficult to explain the growing popularity of the live casino in the current market.
The point is it lets gamers feel the unique atmosphere of a casino with a real gaming dealer involved, enjoying the process at every stage, and gaining new emotions, and the satisfaction of being a gambler.
So, everyone who’s keen on gambling has a chance to grow heated, make a scoop, and feel like they have visited a real casino. There are several games in this industry which are considered to be extremely popular with modern customers. First of all, it comes such things as blackjack and roulette games.

Many amateurs agree that slot machines, blackjack, and roulette games seem to be the most popular at the moment. Why do they think this? Actually, there may be several answers to this question, and we’ll try to mention each of them briefly. So, let’s begin our review with slot machines.
Many gamblers opt for them as professional developers have managed to upgrade them recently, providing gamers with catchy design and unbelievable plots. Every time you become a new character with a new mission, and it’s really great. On the one hand, they will give you a rush.
On the other hand, they provide progressive jackpots. Blackjack is widely regarded as the king of card games and not for nothing. Although, in some sense, the outcome of the game may mainly depend on fortune, mathematical skills, and a good knowledge of strategy will be really useful. The game dates back to the 17th century when it was created in Europe, but to tell you the truth, it only won remarkable success in the US.
Traditionally online casinos provide lots of variations suiting every taste and budget. And last but not least are roulette games. One can hardly imagine an online casino without them as they are a calling card of this business.
Being mentioned in hundreds of books and movies as a prerogative for VIP gamblers, they are full of special romanticism. Despite the fact there are some strategies to use there, none of them can guarantee you success, that’s why they are so attractive for lots of gamers.

Now, a couple of words should be said about Golden Star. That’s your faithful guide in the world of online casinos. It is one of the most recognized brands in this field. It is enough to have a look at their website to have a general idea of the wide range of options they provide. Brand-new slots we are really proud of are at your disposal in the catalog, as well as the freshest roulette games and blackjack versions. By the way, the site is available in about 30 languages.
Advanced localization is not its only advantage. It has a useful interface and convenient navigation system, which do your practice as smooth as possible. The sign-up process is really easy, it will take you just a couple of minutes to enter the system, so no more useless and time-consuming steps we’re all fed up with.
It should be emphasized that payment methods described on the website can’t help but be impressive, as they number more than a dozen at the very least. Using the website, you may be sure about a fair game as transparence is one of the main principles of the casino leaders. They do their best to make the whole system comprehensive and accessible to gamblers. Money withdrawal is quite fast on this platform. We are ready to guarantee that operative financial transactions are the key to success in our business, and we follow this rule with determination.
In a nutshell, we can convince you that our online casino has nothing to hide, all the data is available, you can find a wide range of payment methods on the website, and you can test slot machines created by leading world producers here. Whenever you check the website, you can see that they hold a seasonal tournament and pleasant offers. We appreciate our reputation, cherish our loyal customers and clients, as no one else does, so they prefer Golden Star to our competitors. You may be sure that our online casino is 100% reliable.

It should be stated that bonuses are an integral part of the modern world of online casino. Most likely, it would be impossible to attract customers without them. In some sense, they provide a guarantee that clients will stay with you without choosing your competitors. It’s critically important in business where everyone’s fighting for customers in a competitive environment.
Bonuses are extremely popular when it comes to either gamblers making their first steps in gambling or the ones who are both experienced and careless simultaneously. Mature gamblers are rather suspicious about them and even tend to avoid using them.
It goes without saying that it’s really nice to get new bonuses for a standard set of actions, for example, signing up and recommendations. What is more, there are many other kinds of bonuses nowadays. Some online casinos use the system of bonuses as a so-called advertising promotional gimmick, but in fact, there is not any real benefit for gamblers behind them. Good for you, it is the opposite for the clients of Golden Star.
We cherish our customers and try to implement a flexible rewards system. That encourages them to be proactive and test new opportunities. Free spins, cashback, offline tournaments – this in an incomplete list of perks you can experience here.
However, the fact is that bonus programs are getting less attractive, month by month, so it’s not as easy to find something worth your attention as it used to be in the past because of stricter rules and regulations. So, have a closer look at our bonus system, which is definitely in your interest to use.

As you may guess, every online casino has its own rules to follow. Basically, it's a kind of agreement that should be confirmed by both sides before the customer becomes a member of the system. One can read the details during the sign-in process on the site. First of all, you should be at least eighteen years old.
You may be asked to provide some documents by employees of the online casino to prove your age. If someone finds out later on that an individual hasn’t met these demands, he will lose all his gains immediately and will be deprived of the right to take part in the next game.
What is more, you shouldn't work in the club, you shouldn't be a relative of an employee of the club, and you shouldn't take part in the partner program. It should also be taken into consideration that there are some countries where the gambling industry is banned at the legislative level. The administration has no liability to customers in such cases.
One user can only have one ID; it is necessary. The administration for the website can ask for some additional information if necessary. You can be sure that your data is absolutely safe. A special department is responsible for bonus programs and payments. To withdraw, gaining one should raise a special request with the corresponding topic in the back office. One should also escape games, in a state of alcoholic intoxication, as the administration of the site will not regard it as a sufficient reason for returning the money. So, please don’t be careless when it comes to placing bets.

Live casinos are considered to be one of the most popular products in the industry because of cutting-edge technologies and recent innovations integrated into the system. By all appearances, they really have lots of advantages, as compared to previous gaming products on the market. The financial part of the process is completely automatized, as all the rest seems to happen in reality. Most casinos’ programs are based on a safe combination of roulette games and blackjack although, some exceptions to the rule are also possible and really welcome.
Sometimes they become a specific feature of a provider, that’s why some of them do their best to diversify their portfolios and complete them with some extraordinary things. This is an incredible finding for those sophisticated gamblers who don’t trust typical gambling software and who are afraid of being cheated by the system.
Here, they can see a real dealer monitoring the process. All his actions are transparent and clear. The result and outcomes are always absolutely random, and they don’t depend on the computer program.
One can see all the details, at any time, due to numerous cameras. So, it’s really convenient and safe in all kinds of ways. It looks similar to land-based casinos, but you can play whenever you want in the comfort of your home using your smartphone or a TV set. You can communicate with a dealer and other gamblers during the game, which keeps you interested and makes you stay in the game.

The owners of virtual gambling projects tend to provide their loyal customers with a full range of activities, including roulette games. By the way, they are especially popular with their audience. Due to its unique atmosphere, any gambler can find himself in the atmosphere of a land-based casino, earn good money, and enjoy himself.
It is believed that this sort of game is famous for the best chances to win, and it is so not for nothing. You can place different bets. Both high rollers bet big and have no fear of losing, and people who are on a budget and prefer to be as careful as fast as possible will be surprised by the wide range of possible bets for roulette games.
We really recommend that you try roulette games, in an online casino, for several reasons. First, it's easy and convenient. For instance, you may stay at home in bad weather and interact with a dealer and other participants simultaneously without any problems. By the way, you can be sure that your dealer turns out to be a good-looking girl or guy who is rather qualified and talkative, perfectly good at roulette, and speaks your language pretty well. Probably he/she is even a multilingual specialist.
What is more, there should be a wide range of games. The best providers generally provide several kinds of roulettes to select from. Whatever you prefer, desktop or mobile version, you will find a suitable version here, as all the technical aspects were covered by developers.

Specialists say that there are two ways to organize blackjack in an online establishment with a live croupier. These methods do not involve the use of random number generation or any program on your computer. The live dealer hands out cards in real-time, and a lot of web cameras take pictures for you from different angles. You can change angles, switch between cameras, and enjoy the real-time picture. For men, it is a special pleasure, because most of the croupiers are beautiful girls.
The dealer can give out cards separately if you like, so you can plunge into the world of real blackjack. This may not be the case in every casino, but it is quite common. An alternative way is to give cards to multiple players at once if the players are betting on the same hand. There are some nuances to this game, but it is not too different from classic blackjack.
Live Blackjack - traditional blackjack with classic rules. The essence of the game is to get more points than the dealer, but you must not exceed 21. Bets are allowed within $5-50. A special program determines the payments. For live blackjack, payment is 3:2, with an insurance policy of 2:1. For side bets, there are other bets from $2 to $100. Players can be up to seven people at a time.
To play live blackjack, eight classic decks of 52 cards are required. The dealer makes a shuffle and starts the handout. The dealer gives himself two cards, one of which is opened and the other is closed. The set of cards stops on hard or soft 17. Players can double on any two cards, even if the split is caught. Split and re-split aces in this game are available.

Blackjack Silver complies with the classic game of blackjack. If you do not know them, we will give you a short explanation. The blackjack aims to guarantee that the player gets a higher number of cards than the live dealer but not more than 21. A hand of 21 is actually the best and is referred to as blackjack. The player has two cards at the beginning and has to decide whether he wants to hit or stand.
The live dealer stands on 17 and shows you one of his cards. You can take the option of insurance paying 2:1 if you think he may have a blackjack. If two cards of the same value are distributed, you are given the option to split the cards into two hands.
Every player knows a unique strategy and the best way to win. Yet, Blackjack Silver does not represent an exception. Although, the game does not involve any special logical thought or numerical skills, the tactic is the best way to significantly lower the risks.
Life Blackjack Silver with a real dealer has been thought out in detail. The player chooses the mode for displaying himself: you can use classic or video mode. If the player chooses to play with the classic mode, you can see two parts of the panel on the screen.
In the center of the screen will be a picture of the dealer, who works in the studio. The live dealer hands over the cards and sounds the points, but in fact, you can easily turn off the broadcast. You can make the dealer's picture large or switch to video mode. It's very easy to control - you point at the picture, and three buttons pop up. On the left panel, there is information about the bet, the history of handouts, the winnings.

The advantages of Golden Star Casino virtual gambling house are based on three basic principles:

  • Comfort and convenience for site visitors
  • Honest payments, without deceit
  • High-quality service
The software for Golden Star was provided by the best developers, and the games and slot machines were chosen in such a way that it will satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated players. Golden Star gambling house provides the following features:
  • The main thing that the virtual casino offers gamblers - a comfortable game at home and the opportunity to win a very decent amount of money!
  • For those who are not sure of success, there is an opportunity to play for free at online casinos. To do this, just go through a standard registration procedure and test the game without using a deposit. Once you have developed your strategy and want to try your luck - replenish your account and play for money!
  • The choice of slot machines at GoldenStar online casino is very decent. More than 30 of them - with a progressive jackpot. This means that the prize pool accumulates players from sites around the world, where such slots are installed.
  • For people who prefer to play with the dealer, organizers of online casino Golden Star offer unique Live Casino games. Incredible functionality and realistic design make the game really exciting. You play with a dealer one-on-one and become fully immersed in the casino atmosphere. And, of course, if you win, you get real money!

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