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Other Games: What They Are

When players explore a Canadian casino website, they see popular game categories like slots, table games, and live casino games. However, some online casinos also feature such a tab as Other Games. This title may be confusing for some gamblers. When you open the Slots section, you expect to see a variety of game machines. If you decide to make bets in table games, you must think about roulette or cards. But what will you see if you open the Other Games section?

Actually, you will find all casino games that cannot be added to the previous pages. Their variety is incredible — there are no limits regarding gameplay, rules, equipment, or features. The titles don’t only differ in their visual themes, but also in their core.

There are such options as:

  • Plinko
  • Bingo
  • Crash-type games
  • Keno
  • Mines
  • Heads or tails
  • Scratch cards
  • Sic bo
  • Dice
  • Four aces
  • Shooting games
  • And some others

The mechanics of a shooting game differs from the one used in bingo or four aces greatly, as you can guess. This means that you will never feel bored with the tremendous selection of specialty games.

Why Many Players Play Other Games

It’s not for being bored of traditional casino games that many Canadian players visit this page. The main reason is that other games are enthralling. For example, bingo and keno are two games that were introduced by online casino brands a few years ago, and they are already popular all over the Web. The reason is they already had names from the local halls due to the excitement and winnings they brought to casino clients.

Other gaming options are also available. For instance, Minesweeper was initially introduced as a non-casino game 30 years ago and became a hit quickly. Nowadays, it is very popular for betting, too.

Another reason is that specialty games are diverse, as we have mentioned before. Several titles appear to be ancient, for example, sic bo. Others have appeared recently, like Space XY and Crash.

Casual games are also simple and don’t require studying any manual or working out strategies. Some games are so familiar to players that they don’t need to read rules at all after launching them for the first time. You are unlikely to require guidance when playing heads or tails.

Finally, gamblers launch them when they want to get a new experience. It’s pleasant to flip a coin and relax after you spend an hour at a poker table. And otherwise, a title like Alter World will seem engaging after a hundred spins.

Winnings in Specialty Games

If you wonder whether you can see your name on the section with the daily winnings after you play specialty games, the answer is very simple and it is, “Yes, it is possible.” It is not that hard actually, everything depends on your luck, and winnings are as possible and real as they are in slots or table games. So you may play some of the titles on this page, win amazing prizes, and see your username on the string with daily winners.

You only have to open a free account, deposit some money and start breaking the records of grabbing good prizes in the games on this page.

Popular Other Games

The collection of specialty games is extensive, and exploration of different titles, their gameplays, rules, and particularities may take a long time. New releases are added to this page regularly. So, it is no wonder that gamblers who have never tried casino casual games may rush around different titles.

Nonetheless, there are players’ favorites in this section. Canadian gamblers adore such specialty games as:

  • Plinko
  • Aviator
  • Keno
  • Bingo
  • Scratch cards
  • Sic bo
  • Heads or tails

As long as you have a free account in the Golden Star casino, all of the popular games can be played for free.

What is Plinko?

Plinko was first introduced in 1983 as a game in The Price is Right show with a massive prize pool. In the online sphere, it is a relatively new game, but its popularity is growing. Now, many online casinos, including Golden Star, offer this game to attract and entertain new customers.

The main detail of the Plinko screen is a peg pyramid with slots under it. There are bet multipliers depicted on them. The main purpose of the game is to use your luck and try to hit some of the biggest prizes. Once you decide on a bet, you press the button and see if the ball released from the top hits some of the good winnings below.

If you want to be successful at Plinko, you will need patience and luck. The biggest prizes are on the left and right sides and the percentage of hitting them is not that big. The neighboring winnings are also great, although the multipliers decrease as they become closer to the middle.

Play Plinko online and find out why this game has become a hit!

A Game Like Crash: Aviator

Another very popular game is called Aviator. If you are a Crash game fan, there is a big chance that you hear about this title. If you haven’t played it yourself yet, we are sure you should give it a try. It will capture your mind once you start playing it.

The first step of the game is straightforward — players make their bets. But then the best part comes. A small plane takes off, and a game of intuition starts.

You need to take your bet back at the right moment. It will be a bit displeasing to take it too fast since your winning is increasing while the plane is flying. However, gamblers who let it move for too long risk staying without any prize at all. The plane may disappear into thin air at any moment.

Do you want to check your sixth sense with us?

Keno and Bingo Online: What’s the Difference

There are two highly popular casino games with cards and numbers, keno and bingo. Some players might confuse them, although this problem is solved as soon as they try them both.

In online keno, you mark numbers on a large board and aim to cross the same numbers that were indicated as lucky ones by RNG. You may choose a single number or increase your chances and select several cells. However, bet multipliers are more impressive when you try your luck with a fewer number of options.

In online bingo, you select a card, and your virtual assistant starts to draw numbered balls. If some cell on your card matches the announced number, it is crossed out. If you get a combo, a winning is credited to you at the end of the round.

The Golden Star casino allows you to compare these two options for free and decide which game is more exciting.

Scratch Cards

You might have tested your luck with scratch cards in real life. Try to remember: you get a card, cross your fingers, and remove the upper layer with a coin. If the stars align, symbols on the card will be identical, and you will get a prize.

The online scratch cards version works the same way. It is definitely an interesting game which will grab your attention. If you haven’t played it, launch it in Golden Star. You will see for yourself how amazing it is to scratch the protective layer and find a combo under it.

How to Play Sic Bo

Sic bo is an old Chinese game. Three dice are shaken in a transparent glass bowl. Players strive to predict the outcome of a throw and make their bets. There are numerous stake options, including those on separate numbers and combinations of them.

The game may seem to be a piece of cake, but you had better try it before you judge it. No deposit is required to start playing sic bo online as long as you have an account in the Golden Star casino.

Heads or Tails Coin Game

Heads or tails is a popular game based on simple coin-flipping. You do not need to have great wisdom to start playing, as the gameplay includes only two buttons. As a rule, the first button is called “heads”, while the second one is “tails”.

In the middle of the screen, a player can see a coin (which might be displayed with the logo of Bitcoin). As soon as you press any button, the coin in the middle is flipped. A second later, you see if you have won or not. You can play heads or tails on the Golden Star casino site and see for yourself how easy it is to start winning by picking one of two coin sides.

Golden Star Other Games

The Golden Star team does its best to provide as many casino games as possible so that we can satisfy all players from Canada gambling on our website. Almost every game suggested by our software suppliers is included in our list of the titles. If we see a game that is in high demand, we do our best to get it.

Currently, the Golden Star casino offers more than 160 titles which are classified as other games. Frankly speaking, specialty games are released rarer than slots. However, we have managed to reach the current number of them, and the collection keeps growing.

Our gamblers have an opportunity to play most releases both for free and for real money. The titles are developed by some of the most famous and popular gaming providers that are professionals in creating casual casino games.

All in all, we cooperate with more than 20 studios that are specialists in unusual casino games. The list includes:

  • KA Gaming
  • BGaming
  • Evoplay
  • Playtech
  • SmartSoft
  • Spribe
  • Gamevy
  • Quickfire
  • and others

Bonuses for Specialty Games

In case you want to know if you can use some bonuses to play specialty games, we have great news for you. Our welcome and reload promos include bonus cash that can be used for bets in different casino game types. That means you can launch titles on this page and use your token of appreciation from Golden Star in them. Enjoy gambling to the fullest with us!

Other Games FAQ

Are specialty games legal?

Sure, you can play other games without doubt if you sign up on a legal casino site like Golden Star.

Are other games fair?

All Golden Star casino games function based on the RNG. Thus, the outcomes are always random and fair.

Can I claim bonuses for specialty games?

Sure! Our casino site provides great promotions with bonus cash. For example, you can activate a welcome offer of up to $1,500.

Can I play other games for free in the Golden Star online casino?

Yes, you can. The Golden Star casino allows its clients to play most games for fun.

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