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Multihand Blackjack game tileMultihand Blackjack game tile
Multihand Blackjack
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Blackjack game tileBlackjack game tile
European Roulette game tileEuropean Roulette game tile
European Roulette
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Multihand Blackjack
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Why Have Table Games Become Popular in Casinos?

Table games have always had a special place in the hearts of gamblers. These activities have been associated with exciting and intellectual leisure and a way to earn some money since time immemorial. Originally, socialization played a special role in the demand for cardboard games: throwing a few card parties was the best entertainment for lots of people in the previous centuries.

Today, table games remain an extremely popular way to spend leisure time. However, modern players can enjoy them even alone due to computer games and mobile apps. They can bet and win as well, and online casinos are always at gamblers’ service.

Online casino table games are a good alternative to video slots, and they have significant advantages:

  • Improvement of skills. Thinking and logic are developed, and attention is increased.
  • A high return. In many games, it is 98-99%, which allows you to win large sums regularly.
  • A low minimum bet. You can have fun in the club, even with a small budget.
  • Using strategies. You can use any popular system or develop your own to increase your winnings. Though, you should check if the chosen tactic isn’t prohibited by a casino.
  • High-quality content. Games are presented by popular developers. They have excellent graphics and musical design. You can quickly get engaged in the process and get maximum pleasure.
  • Simple rules. Most games are based on classical canons. You do not need to study the rules for a long time, just play the game a few times in demo mode to master it.

No matter which table game you choose, you will get a good chance to demonstrate your tactical skills and, of course, test your luck.

In the online casino Golden Star, everyone can enjoy a great selection of this intellectual entertainment. Classic models and variations of famous games wait for you. The catalog is constantly expanding, and new items are added to it. Once you start playing on the website — it will be practically impossible to stop.

Popular Table Games in Golden Star

The Golden Star gambling club offers a variety of the best table games. The selection includes:

  • Blackjack is a game that is based on points counting. Players have to beat their opponents or the dealer by gaining a bigger number of points, but there is an important catch: gamblers cannot go beyond 21 points.
  • Roulette may be called a calling card of land-based casinos. Online roulette is no less popular than the physical one. Watch a small ball rolling along the wheel and try to predict where it will stop moving.
  • Poker is a top table game that has become a favorite for thousands of gamblers. In brief, opponents try to analyze the situation and collect better hands.
  • Sic Bo is a gambling game that uses three dice. The Sic Bo gameplay is more or less like craps, if you know the latter. Your aim is to predict the result of a dice throw.
  • Hi-Lo is a plain and simple card game in which you need to guess if the next card will be higher or lower than the previous one.
  • Other games are engaging as well. You can open the rules attached to them and study how to play. An average player will spend only a few minutes trying to understand the rules and format of the game, as well as the structure of payments.

You can play Golden Star casino games online for free or for real money. Demo mode is available without deposit after registration. Virtual credits are available for betting. You can use them at your own discretion. When the balance is zero, you can relaunch the game and train more. You can switch to real money play as soon as you feel ready for that.

Top 10 Golden Star Table Games

If you feel a bit lost in the variety of our casino games, let us provide you with a small top of the best titles:

  • Blackjack VIP
  • Multihand Blackjack
  • European roulette
  • Lucky roulette
  • French roulette
  • American roulette
  • Draw high-low
  • Texas hold’em
  • European blackjack
  • Pontoon 21

In case we don’t speak about particular titles but discuss table games on the whole, there are three most popular casino games, namely poker, blackjack, and roulette. Surely, you can enjoy all these gambling options on the Golden Star website.

Poker and Its Varieties

If you've always wanted to learn to play online poker, then playing the demo mode in Golden Star casino is the best way to learn it. Sign up in one of the best interactive casinos that features the types of poker you are probably interested in, and start mastering your skills without any financial risk.

The Golden Star online casino offers the following poker variations:

  • Texas hold’ em is played with one standard deck of 52 playing cards just like the classic poker game. The game includes two hole and five community cards.
  • Caribbean poker is a bit different from standard game variations. The house becomes gamblers’ main opponent in it.
  • Oasis Poker is very similar to the previous poker potion. However, you can pay an additional amount equal to your ante bet and exchange a card.
  • Three-card rummy is also played against the house. Both the dealer and the player get three cards. The main particularity of this poker type is that gamblers aim to gain less points than the croupier.
  • Trey poker is one more game to play against the dealer in contrast to classic poker. Casino clients can select either the pair up bet and play a quick game, or the ante stake and gamble with three cards.
  • Ride ‘m poker is a game in which you play… against yourself! You can have several hands if you wish.

Now, any adult player can safely learn the rules of the game thanks to the Internet or special game clubs. In Golden Star Casino, you can simply read the guide attached to the selected title.

Learn how to play poker and become a seasoned player on our website!

History of Blackjack

The Spanish game Trente-un was the first variant of Blackjack that included card decks and point counting up to 21. Don Quixote's creator, Miguel De Cervantes, wrote about his game in his Exemplary Novels, namely in “the Rinconete y Cortadillo" story. The Trente-un game was mentioned in documents from 1440 (although there were games with this name that did not have much in common with the first one).

A variant of this game was established in England in the 17th century and was called Bone Ace. The ace could be the equivalent of 1 or 11 points in the tale of Cervantes, as well as in the game mentioned in the "Fine Game" novel by Charles Cotton (1674).

The French game of 21 (or vingt-et-un-21) appeared in the 18th century, and its rules were the prototype for modern blackjack. During this period, historical figures like Countess Dubarry and Napoleon enjoyed this game and supported its popularization. In the 19th century, casinos in America established two rules that dramatically increased the popularity of the game. They allowed players to see one of the dealer's cards and obliged the dealer to take the card with 16 or fewer points and stop at 17 or higher. In the early 20th century, the game became known as Blackjack thanks to a promotion (which was held very briefly and was quickly stopped), where a player would get a bonus if they scored 21 points with an ace of spades and a black jack (the jack of spades or clubs).

Due to Edward Thorp's famous research and the subsequent increase in the number of players and various analytical materials about the game, Blackjack became the most popular casino table game.

Although casinos generally benefited from the fact that players developed different strategies, they still tried to prevent their use. Despite numerous court decisions that the card game was not fraudulent, most casinos in lots of jurisdictions had the right to prevent a successful blackjack player from visiting the casino without reason. Online casinos still may forbid the use of game strategies.

Blackjack Game Rules

In Blackjack, every card corresponds to a certain number of points. Cards from 2 to 10 give 2-10 points, respectively. Jacks, Queens, and Kings are also equal to 10 points, and an ace can cost 1 or 11 points. Here are the two most common blackjack situations:

  • The hard hand includes any two cards without an ace. Hard hand implies a risk of overkill. Therefore, technically 2 and 3 (5 points) is a Hard Hand, but in the game, it will be played in a similar way to a soft hand, because you can take an extra card without the risk of tipping over.
  • The soft hand is any two cards with an ace. A soft hand means that you can take another card without the risk of having to go over it. The highest soft hand is nine and an ace (10 or 20 points).

Blackjack rules are a topic that has been discussed by players since the game's inception. The probability of a certain result depends on many factors, which makes Blackjack so popular. It is the unpredictability of the next card draw along with the opportunity to calculate some possible outcomes that attract millions and millions of players to offline and online casinos every day.

To calculate the probability of a particular outcome of Blackjack is not for everyone. But there are simple calculations that can be done quickly. For example, the probability of an ace coming out as the first card is 4/52, and a second card worth 10 points is 16/51, but if you analyze deeper, the probability of getting Blackjack, if the first card is an ace, is (4/52) *(16/51) = 64/2652 = 0.024 = 1 of 41.6. However, the probability of getting a blackjack doubles if we assume that a card that is worth 10 points can be drawn as the first one as well.

Blackjack probabilities are determined by numerous hand-outs. The longer a deck participates in the game, the more complex the probabilities become.

Some Features of Blackjack Game

Blackjack is one of the easiest and most exciting games in any casino that has a lot of hidden features. In the offline casinos, Blackjack is the best game with the ability to get positive math expectations. Beginners prefer to use a basic strategy, and experienced players sometimes practice several strategies at once, their advantage over a gaming house comes to 2%.

To count cards in Blackjack is to make money. The player waits for the right moment to raise their stakes when there are a lot of face cards (cards of 10 points) and gets an advantage. For example, you can double up against the dealer's "six" or split the pictures more often. If there are many cards with 10 points left on the deck, it is much easier for the player to navigate and make the right decision.

If you play at an online casino or an offline gambling establishment, the choice of boxing is a very responsible decision. By choosing one of the last boxes, you will have extra time to count cards and have more information about the cards of other players. This gives you a mathematical advantage.

But if you are a beginner, the other players will react aggressively to a weak game on the last box, because these decisions will affect the second card dealer. In spite of everything, we recommend choosing one of the last boxes; on the whole, it is more profitable.

The Queen of Casino — Roulette

In the minds of many people, the word "roulette" is associated with the very notion of the casino. The roulette in literature and movies is often proudly called the "queen of gambling." And today, it is true to say that this definition is well deserved. After all, it is a table roulette in the casino that, for many centuries, has been the cause of almost instantaneous transformation of an ordinary visitor to the owner of a fabulous fortune. Or vice versa — turning a wealthy man into a beggar. Here everything depends on the favor of luck.

Notwithstanding the amazing popularity of this gambling game, an online roulette — a virtual variation of the famous entertainment — appeared not so long ago.

Therefore, fans of virtual gambling who want to play roulette without leaving home often face serious difficulties in choosing where to play. If you are interested in gambling roulette online – Golden Star Casino is here for you.

General Rules

The roulette game is played on a wheel with colored cells. The color of zero cells is green, and other numbers (1 to 36) are located in alternating sectors of red and black. On the American roulette wheel, zero sectors are located opposite to each other, dividing the wheel into two sectors of 18 numbers.

The croupier spins the wheel and puts a small ball onto it. Players’ task is to guess on which cell the ball will stop.

The main advantage of roulette is its obvious simplicity. Each of the bets is quite clear; the odds are known. Any player, even a beginner, can easily calculate the value of their possible winnings.

Even without going too deep into the principles of the device marking, you can understand that the number of winnings will depend on the likelihood that the prize number will fall out. Roulette, especially its European type, is often advised for beginners because it does not require the construction of complex strategies. Of course, there are also different gaming schemes, but most of them come down to the fact that the player raises and decreases the bet.

When you visit a casino, you will see that from one to seven people can play at a roulette gaming table (it depends on the size of the table and the influx of players). When you play roulette online, you will be the only gambler at the whole table.

Each table in the game has its own minimum and maximum betting limits. You can find out about the limit of the table in the paytable, attached to the roulette table. Bets are accepted and paid out only within the minimum and maximum limits. In case a player has mistakenly placed a bet below the minimum limit, this bet will not be accepted. If the player's bet is above the maximum limit on the field, then after the revealing number on the wheel, the dealer will return the difference from such a bet to the player.

Roulette Bets

The list below shows, in the most detailed way, the main types of roulette bets that are used in the modern wheel game. The designations on the table correspond to those shown in the roulette stake scheme, so you don’t have to keep all these options in mind.

  1. On one number — Chips are placed directly on any of the numbers from 0 to 36. The payout is 35 to 1.
  2. Two adjacent numbers — Chips are placed on the line between any two numbers. The bet covers two numbers. The payout is 17 to 1.
  3. Three numbers in a row — Chips are placed at the end of any number row. This bet covers three numbers. The payout is from 11 to 1.
  4. Four numbers — Chips are placed in the corner where four numbers touch each other. All four numbers are covered by this bet. The payout is 8 to 1.
  5. Six numbers — The chips are placed at the end of two rows at the point where they touch each other. This bet covers all the numbers in both rows, six in total. The payout is 5 to 1.
  6. Column — Chips are placed on one of the fields marked "2 to 1" at the end of the number columns. This rate covers all numbers in this column, twelve in total. Zero (0) and double zero (00) are not covered by this rate. The payout is 2 to 1.
  7. Dozen — Chips are placed on one of the fields marked "1st 12", "2nd 12", or "3rd 12" (first, second, or third dozen). The bet covers the specified twelve numbers. The payout is 2 to 1.
  8. Small or large numbers 1-18/19-36 — Chips are placed on one of the two fields marked "1-18" and "19-36". The bet covers these eighteen numbers. The payout is 1 to 1.
  9. Odd or even numbers — Chips are placed on the even or odd (odd). Each of the fields covers eighteen numbers. Zero (0) and double zero (00) in the American version are not covered by this stack. The payout is 1 to 1.
  10. Red or black numbers — Chips are placed on red or black. Each of the fields is covered by eighteen numbers. Zero (0) and double zero (00) are not covered by this bet. The payout is 1 to 1.

The Main Varieties of Roulette Games

Many people find it strange that gambling roulette has several basic varieties. However, it is true. Game versions differ in certain key parameters and features of the gambling process. For example, European and American roulette have different numbers of sectors; there is also a French roulette with special features.

Depending on the number of cells, roulette is divided into three main varieties:

  • no zero sector
  • with one zero sector — European Roulette, French Roulette
  • with double zero sector — American Roulette

It may seem paradoxical, but adding one or two sectors changes the gameplay and affects the possibility of big winnings. It is this parameter that is the deciding factor when players choose the right tactics.

However, the classic roulette game division suggests categorization by types, namely European, French, and American ones.

European Roulette

European roulette is a classic roulette type, and it is the simplest option for new players to get the rules. The main advantage of European roulette, for example, if you compare it to an American, is that there is only one sector with zero. There are two in American roulette (0 and 00), which increases the chances of the casino but reduces the player's chances. French roulette has a bit more complex and confusing rules in comparison to European roulette. So if you don’t know what to start with, European roulette is a great option.

French Roulette

Roulette first appeared in France, that’s why French roulette is categorized as a separate game type. On the whole, it’s similar to the European one, but it has two more bets. These are ‘la partage’ and ‘en prison’. The ‘la partage’ bet decreases the house edge to 1.3% if the ball stops on zero. In this case, your even bets are split in two parts.

The conditions for ‘en prison’ are the same, namely even stakes and the ball that stops on the zero sector. It allows you to use your current bet in the next round.

American Roulette

The goal of American roulette is the same as in European roulette and French roulette: to guess the number of the cells on the roulette wheel where the ball will fall out. The crucial difference is that it has zero and double zero cells. Thus, there are 38 numbered cells on the roulette wheel, two sectors of which give the casino advantage in the game of 5.26%.

The American roulette game is animated by several types of bets that players can make while the ball rotates in the wheel: internal bets and external bets. Chips for bets are placed on the calculated playing field in a clearly defined place for them.

Train and Gamble in Golden Star!

Golden Star offers its visitors a demo game function. No matter what games and their variations you prefer, this is where you should start. You do not risk real money, and learn how to bet on roulette, blackjack, or other table games, gradually mastering the rules. When you think that you’ve learned the rules, and it's time to start playing for real money, you should decide with the amount you are ready to risk.

No one is insured from losing when gambling, so know your strategy in advance so that the possible loss of money is not disastrous for you. Then you will need to choose the type of bet on which the chance to win will depend. Take your time. Become a legend of Golden Star. Good luck!

Table Games FAQ

If you have any questions left about casino table games on the whole, it’s time to get answers to them!

Are online table games legal?

Yes, they are. If you are not a minor and don’t reside in a jurisdiction in which gambling is prohibited, you can bet without any problems. However, please don’t forget about responsible gambling principles.

Can I try out some free games first?

The great news is that you can! The Golden Star online casino allows you to play table games for free. Sign up and train as long as you wish! When you decide to play for real money, just switch the mode with a single click.

Are online table games or a land-based casino better?

Naturally, online table games are better. You get confidentiality, an opportunity to play demo, and bonus cash if you register in an online casino! Land-based establishments don’t provide such opportunities.

Do online table games cheat?

Like online slots which work based on the RNG, casino table games are absolutely random and fair. Golden Star clients have nothing to worry about.

Are online table games safe?

They are if you gamble on a reliable casino site that cooperates with trustworthy software providers. Golden Star players don’t need to worry about game fairness and their data security.

What is the secret of winning in table games?

Add a good deal of thinking and loads of luck to your style — and play! Don’t forget about a positive mood — Lady Luck favors cheerful people.

Can you cheat in an online table game?

Modern online casinos use strong encryption algorithms to protect themselves from cheating and defend players’ from fraud. So the answer is, “no.” Any violation will be detected in no time.

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